Watkins has amazing products for all areas of your home. Everyone is familiar with their Baking Vanilla but they have so much more. Cleaning products, spices, lotions and more. I sell Watkins because I use the products everyday and am not disappointed in any of them especially the Hand and Body lotion!

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The smarter way to keep tabs on your pet’s location and activity levels when they’re living it up, at home, in the park or on the run. Whistle 3 combines cellular and GPS technology to give you the fastest and most accurate tracking nationwide. Unlike Bluetooth-only trackers which have a range of 50 feet, Whistle 3 will locate your pet down the street or 3,000 miles away!

Wine2Go the best way to have your Wine while traveling with no breakage!

Fabric- Are you a quilter? Then this shop is for you!

Fat Quarter Shop Quilting Fabrics and Supplies

Food Huggers!

We love these. They really do work and save you from throwing out food. They also don’t take up much room which is a Godsend in and RV!

food huggers

  • 100% BPA and Phthalate free so that all “hugs” are healthy hugs
  • FDA silicone with no fillers and no shortcuts! (beware imitations) 
  • This unique set of five Food Huggers is the only set that inlcudes a mini hugger that is a perfect banana saver. (hello smoothie lovers!!) 
  • The five sizes ensure you always have the right fit. 
  • Perfect saver for tomatoes, onions, lemons, limes, kiwi, grapefruit or whatever your favorite fresh fruit or veggie is. 
  • Food Huggers can also be used as res-usable can covers to keep things fresh when you don’t use the whole can.
  • Over 40% of all groceries purchased in the United States get thrown in the trash!! 
  • The average American family of four throws away $1500 worth of food EVERY year.  
  • Imagine how much you could save by improving your daily habits 
  • More than 48% (almost HALF) of all fresh produce purchased gets thrown away without being eaten. 
  • One of the greatest contributions to landfills in the US is Food Waste. 
  • Food Huggers also help homes cut back on use of plastic wrap, foil and plastic bags.