Retro Caravan Quilt

A Little Craft

I enjoyed making this retro caravan cot quilt so much, each caravan was a little adventure. It also gave me a canvas to do lots of variety of machine quilting.

lydia & Eli, caravan cot quilt 013

lydia & Eli, caravan cot quilt 022lydia & Eli, caravan cot quilt 021

Wood grain quilting Wood grain quilting

lydia & Eli, caravan cot quilt 023

H20 quilting H20 quilting

VW camper van VW camper van

lydia & Eli, caravan cot quilt 042

Images drawn into a pattern for applique Images drawn into a pattern for applique

lydia & Eli, caravan cot quilt 029

3 July 2017 So many people have asked me for this pattern that I need to clarify that I’m sorry but I don’t have a pattern. Below I have put the page of images I gathered from the internet and then copied them by hand to the size I wanted. I used a similar technique to this tutorial to turn the drawings into applique. Give it a go, it’s not that hard 🙂 The images below aren’t mine but belong to other talented people!


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Surprising Ways Campers Take Care of Camphosts!

We are currently camp-hosting at a very large park. Over 1300 spaces! Yes I said 1300! So every day is busy and tiring. Especially in 95% heat. We clean spaces and fire-pits, deal with camper issues and concerns, about 6 hours per day and it is hot, dirty and thirsty work.


As we travel the campground we meet many different people. Most are wonderful, friendly and fun. Some aren’t but that is OK. We try to take care of all their needs no matter the attitude.

On our journey every day we are offered plenty of food and water. That is so appreciated. A hot dog, hamburger and a bottle of ice cold water is very welcome. Some very nice people from Canada twice a day gave us home made smoked meats, cheese and fruit trays! We have also gotten cash tips for helping folks put up tents, direct them into their space and other issues.


We also find change left for us on the picnic tables. Not much but it all adds up. They also leave their cans and bottles for us to recycle. We often average about $50 a week extra with all these perks.


Do you get tips from campers? Do you tip or feed Camp-hosts where you stay? Have you ever even thought about it?


Are you ready – and prepared? Just in case…

Good advice. Things we very often forget to check.

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rv fire

One of the most overlooked and ignored items you will find in an RV is a fire extinguisher. Most of us will never need one in a lifetime of RVing, but if a hot pan in your galley suddenly flared up out of control would you know where your fire extinguisher was? In the panic of the moment would you know how to release the safety and use it? Would it even work?

Unless you are very organized, you do not have a clue when your extinguisher needs to be replaced or re-charged, and if you inadvertently skip right over the date, and if and when you need to put out a galley fire and it doesn’t work you could lose your whole rig. And your neighbors. Or a forest. …or worse.

Check the date now on the extinguisher itself. Replace or recharge if necessary. If not due yet, enter…

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RV Monitoring System-Product Review

RV Whisper RV Monitor
We decided to order this product after reading the great reviews and talking to people that had gotten it. We like most RV's travel with pets and always worry about their safety in high temperatures. This monitor helps alleviate our worries. Their are many other benefits to this system. Continue reading to find out more about it and the ease of installation and use.

RV Whisper™ has many features designed to bring you peace of mind in your RV:
Track your RV’s indoor temperature on hot or cold days — especially useful for making sure your pets are safe while you’re away!
Monitor your fridge and freezer for safe food storage temperatures
Check your 12V batteries for low or high voltage
Set text message and/or email alerts for when temperatures get too hot or voltages are out of range
RV Whisper™ monitors your RV using wired and wireless sensors
Display your RV data in a browser on your phone, tablet, or computer — no internet access is required to access your data when you’re near the RV Whisper™ computer
If you choose to supply your own WiFi, you can check in on your RV over the internet!

RV Interior Temperature Alerts
When your pets have to stay behind in your RV, know if they are safe from dangerous summer time heat. If the RV interior temperature rises above a user-specified threshold, RV Whisper™ sends text and email messages to alert RV owners.